David Atwood & Katrin von Maltzahn: Visual Dialogue, 2020, 42 joint drawings

Japan (2020)

In spring 2019 I was able to spend two months in Japan. Since then I have been working on various projects related to the many impressions I brought home. These include collaborations with the Nagasaki-based artist David Atwood.
We had planned parallel exhibitions at CAP House in Kobe for spring 2020. Due to Corona they had to be canceled. For my show I had made an extensive group of large watercolor paintings, which I now hope will be shown in Japan at a later date. David and I have also developed a series of 42 collaborate drawings that we call “Visual Dialogue”.
In September 2020 we were able to work together, at distance, on a room installation for a large group exhibition in the Ikasu Villa on MT Rokko in Kobe. I made 2 pencil drawings that were reproduced as wallpaper and David made sculptures and floor paintings.